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8Gx38 Surefast Woodscrew (PT) #2 Csk Square Yzc (With Nibs)

  • Pack Quantity: 1,000
  • Outer Quantity: 8,000
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Wood screws are threaded fasteners that are used to join wooden workpieces. They aren’t necessarily made of wood. Rather, wood screws are available in many of the same metals and alloys as other screws. They are simply known as “wood screws” because they are designed for use with wooden workpieces. Like all screws, wood screws have a head, a shank and a tip. The shank is typically partially threaded, meaning the threading only extends about three-fourths of the way down the body. With that said, some wood screws have a fully threaded shank that extends from the head all the way to the tip.


Diameter / Gauge 8G
Length 38mm
Head Countersunk
Drive #2 SQ
Finish Yellow Zinc
Suitable For Timber