Current Offers

Download our latest brochures, or pick up a copy at your nearest Blacks Fasteners store. You'll find a great selection of special product offers available at Blacks Fasteners.

These issues feature:

  • A FREE Heavy Duty Flask when you purchase Gas Pack Nails
  • Folding rulers, Blue Mol circular saw blades, saw kits and recip blades
  • A Free Drill CSK Bit when you purchase stainless steel decking screws
  • A FREE Vibratite holder when you purchase Vibratite products
  • Blacks Drill kits, Masterflash seals
  • Actioncan Multi-Purpose spray adhesive

Get a FREE Beanie or Applicator Gun when you buy fischer Super Bond.

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Offers available September 2020. Available for South Island customers only.

Note: All prices are net & exclude GST. Some products may be subject to availability. Conditions may apply to some special offers.