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MS Safe Fix Adhesive (430g) Cylinder White

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BRANZ appraised, multi-purpose, heavy duty, MS-based adhesive for construction and building. Elastically seals most building materials and surfaces. Green Star compliant. Exceptionally high initial grab. 

Recommended Uses

  • General construction adhesive
  • For fixing wall panels, floors, and door frames to most common building substrates
  • For adhering solvent sensitive substrates (such as mirrors and polystyrene)
  • Elastically bonding different materials with each other Bonding granite, marble and tiles
  • Bonding skirting of many different types

Available in a 300mL cartridge in white.

Features & Benefits

  • BRANZ appraisal 662 for structural loads and durability
  • Ideal for green buildings - Low VOC, odour-free, solvent, silicone and isocyanate-free
  • Exceptionally high initial grab - Ideal when using no mechanical fasteners (check with Bostik technical)
  • Adheres to most common building substrates, polystyrene safe.
  • Easy, low temperature gunning.
  • Highly flexible, paintable, very low shrinkage, non-slump
  • Interior/Exterior – all weather, UV resistant
  • One component


Product Type Adhesive
Container Size 300ml Cartridge
Colour White
Brand Bostik