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Christchurch Stadium Project Report


When Lancaster Park was severely damaged in the February 2011 earthquake and then demolished in 2019 it felt like Canterbury's heart had been ripped out. It left Christchurch without a stadium and the Crusaders without a home. It has been a really tough situation for all Cantabrians to deal with but after 13 long years, Christchurch is on the verge of having a state-of-the-art multi-use arena. The $683-million project will have a seating capacity of 30,000 for sports events and will hold a minimum of 36,000 spectators for large music events.

“This world-class arena will add to the central city’s vitality, catalyse further development, help re-establish Christchurch as a sporting and cultural capital and boost the city’s economy by attracting visitors from around New Zealand and the world.”

Building such a vast structure in an earthquake zone presents many challenges. One of which is acquiring a sufficient number of high-quality specified engineering products that can deal not only with the structural weight but also the stresses experienced during a quake. Blacks Fasteners are supplying range of Structural Bolts, Threaded Rod & Epoxy Mortar including big M36 galvanised high tensile structural bolts that are being used to fasten the steel structure together.

Blacks have also recently supplied the innovative Euroboor Battery Magnetic Base Drill that has advanced magnetic technology to hold it in place. This enables the engineers to drill holes precisely on location at any angle, removing any errors that can occur when hand-holding drills. The rare earth magnet in the drill base does not need power to hold it in position so even when the battery runs low the drill is held safely in place.

We have had a great relationship with Blacks Fasteners for many years. The sales team are always available to talk, on site if necessary. They have made sure we have all the supplies we need to keep the job moving so we can fulfil our contracts.

Jayden Scott
Managing Director, Scott Structural Ltd


It’s great to be part of such an important development in the city centre. When we are sat in the stadium for years to come we can be proud that we quite literally played a part in bringing it all together.

Kevin Marr
Industrial Sales Manager, Blacks Fasteners