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PBI20-20/115-LH Safety Panel Brace Anchor (20mm OD) (Prop)

  • Pack Quantity: 40
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The PBI20-20/115-LH anchor is a high-performance load torque-controlled, thick sleeve expansion anchor, which is designed for use in bracing shoes (footplates) or braces for bracing of prefabricated concrete elements during construction.

The high-performance PBI20-20/115-LH is a high load/low slip expansion anchor which has been independently tested by Swinburne University of Technology in accordance with section A9- "Additional Testing for Post-Installed Brace Inserts" of AS3850.1:2015 (Prefabricated concrete elements Part 1: General requirements).

The anchor has been independently tested for the following criteria of AS3850.1:2015

  • Static Tension
  • Static Shear
  • Cyclic Tension
  • Installation torque testing and integrity assessment

Features & Benefits

  • Unique head markings for easy product traceability and practical on-site inspection
  • The 20mm PBI has a large 30mm A/F hex head with 20mm ferrule bolt sockets.
  • Heavy-duty large diameter washer providing increased bearing against the fixture.
  • Nylon compression ring ensures positive grip of anchor in the drilled hole. The compression ring also provides fixture clamp-down against base material for dynamic loading applications.
  • A thick expansion sleeve generates high slip-resistance and maximum lateral wedging effect in the drilled hole.
  • New serrated, hardened cone with optimum geometric design for maximum anchor expansion.
  • M14 Class 8.8 bolt ensures high performance.

Installation Procedure

  1. Drill a hole into the base material to the depth required using the proper diameter bit. This must be no more than 90% of the base material thickness.
  2. Blow and brush the hole clean of dust and other material. Position the fixture. Do not expand the anchor prior to installation.
  3. Drive the anchor through the fixture into the anchor hole until the bolt-head is firmly seated against the fixture. be sure the anchor is driven to the required embedment depth.
  4. Tighten the anchor by applying the guide installation torque from the finger-tight position. This information is on the head of the PBI anchor.


Diameter M14
Length 115mm
Material Carbon Steel
Finish Zinc Plated
Hole Diameter 20
Head Type Hex Head
Drive SW30
Supplier Part No. PBI20-20/115-LH
Max Fixture Thickness (mm) 20