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Master Flash

No.7 Square Master Flash Black 140mm - 292mm

  • Pack Quantity: 10
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Roof pipe flashings specially designed for the metal roof industry. Perfect for sealing pipes and cables, as well as for watertight sealing around installation elements or ducts penetrating the roof slope (i.e., ventilation pipes, solar ducts, chimney flues, electric cables and wires or other elements passing through the roof slope).

  • EPDM rubber.
  • Size range: 0mm to 1m available.
  • All EPDM Master Flash pipe flashings have a high temperature resistance of 135°C intermittently. A red silicone compound is also available, and this product has a high resistance of 260°C intermittently.
  • Complies with BAL rating requirements.

What is the highest temperature a Master Flash® pipe flashing will handle?

  • All EPDM MasterFlash flashings 135°C intermittently.
  • A silicone red flashing has a high resistance of 260°C intermittently.

What type of sealant should be used on the Master Flash® flashing

  • A good quality roof & gutter silicone sealant should always be used when installing a Master Flash pipe flashing for metal roofs.

What type of screws should be used to fasten the flashings?

  • The use of a self-drilling screw or pop rivet (sealed) is always recommended.

What is the life expectancy of the Master Flash® flashings?

  • All Master Flash products carry a 25-year warranty.

What is the maximum roof pitch that the flashings can be used for?

  • Most of our products are designed to cater to a roof pitch of 45°. If more is required, then our Master Flash Extreme Angle range is designed with a built in 40° pitch and therefore can handle a roof pitch from 35° – 65°.

Is there a product that can flash a Square Pipe?

  • Yes, our Master Flash Square Vent Range is available and will suit penetrations from 20mm – 125mm. Now also available in a lead base option.


Nominal Size No.7
Series Standard
Min. Grip (mm) 140
Max. Grip (mm) 292
Material Black EPDM
Type Square