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Fischer M8X40 Nylon SX Collared Wall Plug (70008) (568008)

  • Pack Quantity: 100
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Due to four-way expansion, the fischer expansion plug SX optimally transfers forces into the building material.

The high-quality nylon used in production and typical expansion guarantee a secure, permanent connection. The edge on the head of the fixing prevents the fixing from slipping into the drill hole.

Top Features

  • Optimum force transmission due to four-way expansion. This allows for high holding values in solid and hollow building materials.
  • Simple to assemble: The edge of the plug prevents it from falling deeper into the drill hole.
  • No expansion pressure on the plug neck. This means that tiles or plaster are not damaged.


  • The 4-way expansion provides the optimum force distribution in the material, and offers high load-bearing capacities in solid and hollow building materials.
  • The expansion-free plug neck prevents the creation of expansion forces on the material surface whilst screwing in the screw. This helps to prevent damage to tiles and plaster.
  • The pronounced rim prevents the plug from slipping into the drill hole, thus allowing for a simple installation.


  • Motion detectors
  • Skirting
  • Trellis
  • Pictures


  • The SX is suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installation.
  • When turning in the screw, the SX expands in four directions, thus providing a secure anchoring in the building material.
  • The required screw length is given by: Plug length + fixture thickness + 1 x screw diameter.
  • Suitable for wood, chipboard and spacing screws (fischer ASL, see page ).


Diameter M8
Length 40mm
Material Nylon
Hole Diameter 8
Supplier Part No. 70008