Vendor Managed Inventory System

Let us take the hassle out of ordering and managing your fastening supplies, with our vendor managed inventory system we can help you manage your stock with the following benefits:

  1. Increase your stock turnaround whilst avoiding costly stock-outs.
  2. Reduce overheads by holding only the stock you require.
  3. E-mail based reports on your individual purchase history.
  4. Professional bin and racking systems are available at no charge to hold our products.
  5. Products purchased from us can be pre-packaged into specific quantities or kits if required.
  6. Keep your stock levels accurate whilst allowing for buffer stock.
  7. All bins provided by Blacks Fasteners are clearly labelled for ease of use.

Contact your Sales Team Member if you wish to discuss in more detail or email us with any suggestions or other ways that we can help you with your fastener needs.