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The resin capsule RSB is a system component of the fischer Superbond-System FSB for the introduction of high loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete. European Technical Approval Option 1 for cracked concrete including seismic loads in performance category C1 and classification into fire resistance class R120 offer added safety. Heavy steel constructions, sound barriers, and tall shelving are secured with the resin capsules, for example. The fixtures are secured with the fischer threaded rod RG M and the fischer internal threaded anchor RG MI. fischer offers a standard capsule and a short capsule. To introduce higher loads, two short capsules can be placed into the drill hole. The short hardening time means that fast work progress is still possible.

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• Guard rails • Staircases • Suspensions of pipes, cable trays and suspended ceilings • Temporary fixings, e.g. for machines • Scaffold anchoring

Fischer RSB Capsule – Blacks Fasteners


  • The 2-component resin capsules RSB and RSB mini contain vinyl ester hybrid mortar with silane technology. They are suitable for pre-positioned installation.
  • During setting, the oblique edge of the anchoring element destroys the capsule, and mixes and activates the mortar.
  • The glass particles of the capsule body roughen the inside of the drill hole, which reduces the cleaning effort to just four blowing passes.
  • The mortar bonds the entire surface of the anchor rod with the drill hole wall and seals the drill hole.

Building materials

Approved for anchorings in:

  • Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked

   Also suitable for:

  • Natural stone with dense structure


ETA-12/0258  DoP No. 0756-CPD-0490    
DoP No. 0011  ESR-3572
DoP No. 0111  GS 3.2/11-243-2
DoP No. 0174  

Fischer RSB Capsule - Technical Data Sheets

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