fischer PowerFull

Product Description

The fischer full thread screw Power-Full FPF-ZTN ZPF with cylinder head and TX star recess drive is ideal for connections and reinforcements of supporting wood constructions. For a wide range of constructions, the full-thread screw is a cost-effective and more efficient solution compared to traditional connections or connections with timber connectors. The TX star recess drive ensures top force transmission with maximum bit stability. The thread geometry offers optimum force transmission. The European Technical Approval guarantees added safety. The large thread pitch results in noticeably faster screwing times, and no pre-drilling is required. The slim cylinder head reduces the formation of fissures, and no cracks form when screws are inserted close to edges.

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  • The unique Power-Full thread runs from the tip to right under the head, ensuring maximum force transmission.
  • The drill bit tip enables screw fitting without pre-drilling and offers guidance when screwing in. In addition, the risk of splitting is decreased and the screwing resistance is significantly reduced.
  • Lower edge and axle distances are therefore possible and allowed.
  • All in all, this saves on time and materials.
  • The ETA approval guarantees the high safety standard and the premium quality of the fischer Power-Full screws.


  • Safety-relevant applications
  • Wood frame construction
  • Post construction
  • Timber houses
  • Rooftop insulation systems
  • Car ports
  • Conservatories
  • Playground equipment


Screws with a cylinder head can be flush-mounted or sunk into the wood.

Building Materials

  • Glued-laminated timber
  • Cross-laminated timber
  • Laminated veneer plywood panels
  • Solid structural timber
  • Glued timber boards on solid wood
  • Soft wood (e.g. Douglas, spruce, pine, fir, etc.)
  • And other wood materials



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