Product Description

The fischer ZYKON hammerset anchor FZEA II is an internal threaded anchor made from zinc-plated steel, stainless steel, and highly corrosion-resistant steel. The hammerset anchor with its low embedment depth is suitable for single anchorings in cracked concrete both inside and outside. The undercut drill hole is created in a single work step with the special drill bit FZUB. The undercut anchor is set in a pre-positioned installation. With the setting tool FZED Plus, the expansion sleeve is pressed over the cone. This fills the undercut drill hole in a positive-locking manner. The European Technical Approval and classification into fire resistance class R 120 ensure added safety.

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  • Hammerset anchor with Zykon undercut technology for individual fixings in cracked and non-cracked concrete.
  • The combination of hammerset and ZYKON undercut anchor allows for individual fixings in cracked concrete.
  • The special ZYKON undercut technology reduces the energy required for installation.
  • The FZUB special drill allows for a fast installation by creating the undercut without having to change tools.
  • The embossing that is applied when expanding the anchor secures the simple control of the anchoring.
  • The almost expansion-free installation of the anchor allows small edge distances and axial spacing, thereby enabling flexible use.


• Pipelines • Ventilation systems • Sprinkler systems • Cable trays • Suspended ceilings

Fischer FZEA II - Blacks Fasteners


  • The FZEA II is suitable for pre-positioned installation.
  • The undercut drill hole is created using the special FZUB drill.
  • Once the anchor has been placed in the drill hole, the expansion sleeve is expanded by the driving in of the internal expansion pin with the FZED Plus setting tool, and the undercut drill hole is filled with a positive fit.

Building Materials

Approved for:

  • Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked

   Also suitable for:

  • Concrete C12/15
  • Natural stone with dense structure


DoP No. 0756-CPD-0293
DoP No. 0036

Fischer FZEA II Conformity Chart - Blacks Fasteners

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