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Fischer Fixperience Software - Blacks Fasteners


The dimensioning all rounder for all planners is the successor of COMPUFIX which has been known and estimated for years by its users. The new C-FIX is to provide proof in accordance with European Technical Assessment [ETA] and Engineering Solution [ENSO] for anchors and applications primarily for static loads.


The screw dimensioning module serves to enable a rapid calculation of various applications with fischer Power-Fast and Construction screws, such as the fixing of rooftop insulation or joints in structural timber constructions with fully threaded screws.


This module is intended to design post-installed reinforcement connections into concrete. Post installed connections of reinforcement bars by means of end-anchorage or overlapping can be calculated, as well as a post installed connection of concrete reinforcement with end connections or splices.


Takes users step by step through the design process of fixings in the area of balcony railings, rails on balustrades and stairs indoor and outdoor. The software supports the user with numerous pre-defined fixing variations and different geometries of the anchor plate.


This module supports users in their calculation of the amount of injection mortar needed for chemical anchors so they can order the exact number of cartridges they need for their assignments. Thanks to this feature the programme provides a quick overview of the overall demand for materials.