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The concrete all-rounder.                    

The silane technology of the fischer injection mortar FIS SB enables a really high bond strength and therefore a really high load level. The European Technical Approval for cracked and non-cracked concrete and for seismic loads offers added safety. The fischer injection mortar FIS SB is suitable for use with the system components for fixation both inside and outside. It can be used with the threaded rod FIS A, the internal threaded anchor RG MI, and the rebar anchor FRA and reinforcement bars. The variable anchorage depths optimise the installation time and use of materials. The application temperatures range from -15° to +150° C depending on the mortar variant.

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  • The injection mortar FIS SB achieves a really high load level thanks to its bond strength.
  • Variable anchorage depths from 4x to 20x the threaded rod diameter enable perfect adaptation in line with the load to be applied, thus ensuring an optimised installation time and use of materials.
  • Top application temperatures of up to +150°C open up new usage areas for bonded anchors.
  • The processing of the mortar is even approved down to a chilly –15°C.
  • In combination with the internal threaded anchor RG M I, this product enables surface-flush removal and the reuse of the fixing point. This provides top flexibility.


• Heavy steel constructions • Silo installations • Sound barriers • Tall shelving • Guard rails • Staircases
• Suspensions of pipes, cable trays & suspended ceilings • Temporary fixings, e.g. for machines, scaffold anchoring

Fischer FIS Super Bond 390S - Blacks Fasteners


  • The injection mortar FIS SB is based on a vinyl ester hybrid with silane technology. It is suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installation and can be used with the threaded rod FIS A or the internal threaded anchor RG MI.
  • Resin and hardener are stored in two separate chambers and are not mixed and activated until dispensed through the injection cartridge.
  • The mortar is extruded bubble free from the drill hole base.
  • The mortar bonds the entire surface of the anchor with the drill hole wall and seals the drill hole.
  • With push-through installations, the annular gap between the threaded rod and fixture is filled with the injection mortar FIS SB.

Building materials

Approved for anchorings in:

  • Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, cracked and non-cracked

   Also suitable for:

  • Natural stone with dense structure

Load Tables


ETA-12/0258DoP No. 0111
ETA-13/0651DoP No. 0174  
ETAG 001-5DoP No. 0756-CPD-0490
DoP No. 0011    GS 3.2/11-243-2
DoP No. 0070

Fischer FIS .Super Bond 390S - Blacks Fasteners

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