Product Description

High-quality setting tool for approval-compliant mounting of fischer bolt anchor FAZ II, FBN II, EXA for diameters M8-M12. SDS Plus holder for hammer drill. Another great Fischer innovation.

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  • For all anchor bolt variations of FAZ II, FBN II, EXA (M6 - M12)


  • Energy-saving installation: Can be used on walls, ceilings, and floors without the plug falling out. The projecting thread is not damaged during hammering.
  • Fast and easy installation: Set more anchors in the same amount of time.
  • Safe installation without damage to the fixture when installing stainless steel railings, for example.
  • Even novices can perform the installation without problems.
  • The FA-ST is suitable for all standard hammer drills (recommendation: 2 - 3 kg).


  • The bolt anchor setting tool with SDS socket is placed into the socket on the hammer drill.
  • The bolt anchor is hammered into the drill hole by means of an axial impact motion.Fischer FABS Bolt Anchor Setting tool - Blacks Fasteners