With structures it can be difficult to know and assess the performance of an anchorage point due to a lack of technical information on the existing structure or non-standardised substrates. With pull-out testing you can ensure that the fixing solution works in the intended manner as part of the quality assurance in a specific project.

Blacks fasteners provide an On-Site tension testing service that helps with re-assuring installation quality and in determining suitable fixing solutions. Tests can be done adapting a non-destructive or destructive testing procedure.

With each project, a detailed test report is issued with the test results. The test results can be used for further assessment of a suitable fixing solution, determining design loads or as part of a quality assurance process.

  • Proof of quality of installation and load performance of the anchorage in relation to the design and making sure that the design is adequate
  • Provides the possibility of testing different types of anchorages to determine the most cost-effective fixing solution for a design
  • Providing data for the determination of design resistance of a fixing solution that is placed in an unknown or non-standardised substrate