Trip of a Lifetime

2019 Christmas Donation Made to Children's Charity
November 2019

Roger Black and his team waived their magic wand for 3 South Island children, whose dreams came true last October when they were sponsored on the trip of their lifetime to California. These trips have been an annual event for 34 years, and provide the opportunity for hundreds of sick and underprivileged deserving children, the chance to forget for a short time their own serious medical issues and enjoy themselves as children should, and so they did beyond all their expectations!

B (10) was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder, the first symptom being sight loss. With no night vision and limited peripheral vision being the first indicator of kidney disease. B was one of the younger children on the trip, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to be at the front of every opportunity for some fun. Whether it was collecting autographs of Disney characters or vying to get to the front of a ride, he did not want to miss out. His eyesight is deteriorating and he wanted to make the most of his current vision to collect these magical special memories. The trip provided that and he loved every minute of it.

T (15) suffers chronic juvenile arthritis. A talented Nelson sportswomen who is devastated when her arthritic flare ups impact on her life. Diagnosed at 12 years of age her positive attitude, cheerful disposition and her sporting achievements help her through the tough times with the pain and side effects of medication. For 2 fun filled weeks her radiant smile beamed as she savoured every precious magical moment disguising her ongoing pain. She lived the dream for those two weeks.

Since our return she has spent lengthy periods in both Nelson and Wellington hospitals as her current medication is no longer providing pain relief. Through these particularly challenging heart breaking times on her return it has been the trip experiences that have helped her cope.

After the trip Mum wrote, “Oh the book was so awesome, she just lights up whenever she goes through the book with anyone. She just so loved the trip and we have found when she is feeling down, I start a conversation regarding this trip and her light starts to glow bright again.”

D (12) has cerebral palsy and is dependent on a walker and sticks for mobility out of his wheelchair. His happy disposition and will to give everything a go was incredibly amazing. Stepping out one’s comfort zone is huge for most, getting out of a wheelchair is massive. D’s social integration was outstanding and during this trip he realised there are other children dealing with a variety of challenges relating to their medical conditions and that he is not the only one.

There will never be enough words to describe the massive positive impact and life changing effect these 3 children have been given thanks to Roger and team at Blacks Fasteners. They have grown in every aspect of their life and their hearts will smile forever with the Disneyland memories they created.

We are touched beyond words – THANK YOU!

Chris George
Chairperson Koru Care CHC