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Fischer products supporting historical restoration of the Acrpolis

September 2016

The famous Acropolis of Athens urgently needs restoration. Because the ancient defence system is in such bad condition the Acropolis Restoration Service has initiated a monitoring project for the walls in which high-sensitive instruments are involved.

In order to investigate the structural behaviour of the Acropolis walls, the Acropolis Restoration Service, an agency of the Greek Cultural Ministry, initiated a monitoring project based on measuring instruments. A network of so-called Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) was therefore installed on the Acropolis North, South and East walls. FBGs are optical filters which let through certain ranges of light waves but reflect other ranges. The highly sensitive sensors of this network are constantly providing a control centre with information of the walls’ deformation status and the condition of their critical areas, enabling their structural evaluation and the introduction of alarm values.

In order to install the high quality equipment small steel plates had to be fixed on the walls in specific distances. The craftsmen in charge with this task decided to use the fischer bolt anchor FBN II in stainless steel A4 in order to ensure safe fixings and lifelong performance.


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