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Sponsorship / Donation Applications

Blacks Fasteners have always enjoyed a strong community interaction and try, where possible, to support the community through our sponsorship programme.

Each week Blacks Fasteners receives requests for sponsorship or for a donation from groups, organisations and individuals from around our region.  Unfortunately, while most are valid and commendable opportunities, we are simply not in a position to be able to be involved with them all.
Therefore, to assist us to fairly judge these applications, we have established standard criteria which must be met before we can consider any form of support.


Sponsorship Criteria

When we consider new sponsorship activities, the projects or organisations seeking sponsorship should conform to all or some of the following criteria:


  • An activity or profile which impacts on people living within our immediate sales regions or within New Zealand.
  • A community based project or support opportunity which will benefit the wider community.
  • A wide general appeal to as many sectors of the public as possible.
  • A direct appeal or relevance to our customers, market, products or services.
  • Sponsorships should portray innovation, quality and excellence in their particular area. They should be able to demonstrate leading-edge technical aspects.



Sponsorship funding is generally provided from Blacks Fasteners marketing and advertising budget. Applicants must be aware that the amount of exposure given to the Blacks Fasteners brand through the proposed sponsorship should equal or exceed the amount of exposure obtained through traditional advertising options.

For example: If your sponsorship requirement is $3000, Blacks Fasteners would expect at least $3000 worth of brand exposure in return.

If you feel your event, project or organisation meets some or all of the criteria listed above and would like to apply for sponsorship, please fill in the details below and send it to us. We will respond by email as soon as possible and if we believe it is suitable, we will invite you to make a full application.


Name of Organisation *
Contact Name *
Email address *
Contact telephone *
Reason for Sponsorship *
How does your request meet the criteria listed? *
Amount requested *




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